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5 Home Remodeling Ideas for Senior Living

5 Home Remodeling Ideas for Senior Living

Taking care of your aging parents is considered to be a noble effort and keeping them with you is much better. There are some seniors who like having their own home.  In such a case, you need to visit and them as much as you can. Even if it is their residence, it is your responsibility to make the senior apartments. There are many ways to remodel the house that they live in. Check out five remodeling ideas for senior living.

Take Care of Lighting

Prior to do anything else, you have to ensure that the house is properly lit so that your aging parents can see where they are actually going. A majority of the seniors tend to have a bad vision. So, it is better to place some extra nightlights in the bedroom, bathroom, and hallways. This will help in keeping them safe. Install lamps wherever your parents are going to need them. Make sure that you add one next to their closet, reading chair, and in the kitchen. All switches should be easy to reach. This way they will be able to adjust the light when you are not present at home.


Remodel the Bathroom

It is necessary to take some precautionary measures when your folks use the bathroom. To avoid life threatening injuries, you have to ensure that the shower entry is step-free. Install a retractable bench in it. This way your parents will be able to sit when they shower. The simple addition is going to keep them safe and comfortable.  If you have to make things much safer and easier, get few grab bars and set these up as soon as you can.


Avoid Stairs

It will be better if your mom and dad don’t have to climb any stairs at their residence. You need to consider this before you buy a house or taking them to your house.  A majority of the houses have stairs. Hence, you might have to make some corrections. You have to ensure that the bedroom and the bathroom are on the same floor, preferably on the first one. Apart from this, you might also consider getting an in stair life or some other machine which has been designed for aged care.  However, before getting anything, you have to speak to your parents and find out what they need the most.

Expand Halls and Doors

If your elderly parents use the wheelchair for moving, you need to ensure that the house has been designed in the right manner. Firstly, you have to work on the doors and halls and make them wider. It is better to make the doors 34 inches wide and the hallways 42 inches wider. If your budget allows you to get this type of modeling, you need to do it irrespective of the present needs of your parents. There is a great chance that you will need it in future. Lastly, get rid of all tripping hazards so that your parents are able to move freely.

Safer Entry

In case your parents have trouble walking, your first step should be to redesign the interior.  You also have to take care of the exterior by building a wraparound deck or a ramp that will facilitate exiting and entering the house. Talk to your parents and find out about their most important needs. Make sure you give your best to meet them.

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