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Digital marketing tactics that should be left behind this 2018

Digital marketing tactics that should be left behind this 2018

70% of small businesses plan to increase their investment in digital marketing.

But, as we all know, more spending does not necessarily mean better results. Therefore, we invite all companies in the publishing sector that follow us and that are included in that 70% to bear in mind the tactics that should be left behind this year :

No clicks on conversions

It may seem obvious because the clicks are good, but the conversions are better. However, this aspect is especially important for those who invest in any type of campaign or search optimization of payment.

Above all, the priority should be to motivate users to perform a certain action (make a purchase, give their contact information or whatever). Instead of optimizing in order to attract clicks, you have to think more holistically about an approach that will have conversions as the end result.

For this, it is advisable to start by addressing the common aspects that block conversions, such as web design or a deficient landing page. Next, it must be verified that the conversion strategy is aligned with the target audience.

You also have to avoid emphasizing quantity over quality

Having a huge amount of content can make it look like we have an excess of resources on our website, but if they are of low quality, we will be wasting our time. In addition to not helping to achieve the kind of commitment we need from the user, we can be penalized.

The focus should be placed on the quality, in the original content that contributes to a positive user experience. The search engines do everything thinking about that user experience, so that is the formula that works in all cases.

And finally, we must stop avoiding optimization for mobile devices

Mobile optimization is an undeniable component of navigation behavior and its existence is essential if a company wants to remain competitive. To thrive in 2018, we have to offer a website adapted to mobile devices and ensure that it is locally optimized.

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